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A note on the Current Covid19 situation

Covid19 has affected us all this year and only now am I able to start offering commercial photography again at anything like a sensible level.
Studio photography is, still, out of the question, sadly for two
important reasons. 1. The studio is a little short to allow full social distancing and flexibility and 2.
As the studio is attached to the house, customers would have to come through the living area first and that is not permitted under the current regulations.
I have also decided to drop passport photographs from my
work as they have become impractical at the moment.
However, I can still offer outdoor portraits, headshots etc and of course my commercial work is unaffected, whilst following
Covid19 PPE guidelines.
I have taken the “downtime” as an opportunity to develop my online presence and I now have three separate websites, all under the new RCP Logo, see above.
The original website:
still acts as the 'go to' website for general information and I have now overhauled the site:
and created a new Commercial Photography site:
All 3 sites now have a central
corporate image.
Please get in touch by email: or by phone 01795 478522
Or via the Contact page